Polythene & PVC Films

Polythene Sheet In Roll - For Damproof Membrane or Agriculture Film

Clear or colored Polythene Sheet is an excellent barrier for excessive moisture, dust, dirt or grease, and is impervious to rot and mildew. It has a wide application e.g. as Damp proof membrane for Construction Industry, as UV Protection Cover for Agriculture Industry or general Purpose protection covers.

ItemDescription Weight / LengthPackingQty
1 LDPE Recycle 0.08mm x 36'' (CF) x 40 lbs1 rollStock
2 LDPE Recycle 0.08mm x 54'' (CF) x 40lbs1 rollStock
3 LDPE Pure Resin 0.08mm x 36'' (CF) x 40lbs10 rollscustomize
4 LDPE Pure Resin 0.08mm x 54'' (CF) x 40lbs10 rollscustomize
5 LDPE Recycle 0.08mm customize  
6 LDPE Recycle 0.10mm Customize  
7 LDPE Recycle 0.15mm Customize  
8 LDPE Recycle 0.20mm Customize  
9 LDPE Pure Resin 0.08mm customize  
10 LDPE Pure Resin 0.10mm Customize  
11 LDPE Pure Resin 0.15mm Customize  
12 LDPE Pure Resin 0.20mm Customize